David Singh

Touchstone FMS Business Unit Head

David Singh heads up the FMS business unit, the largest of the four divisions that make up Touchstone FMS Ltd. David has a wealth of skills and experience, being a qualified accountant, as well as having worked in the ERP / FMS software sector for over 28 years. David has held a number of senior management and directorial positions in his time in the industry that cover disciplines such as operations, project delivery, support, sales and marketing, he describes himself as a “bit of an all-rounder” who likes to build successful teams.

In his role as Director of Sales & Marketing, David ensures that Touchstone FMS continues to be at the forefront of people’s thinking if they are considering changing or upgrading their financial systems. Touchstone has been a provider of FMS solutions based around the Infor product portfolio, in particular SunSystems for 40 years, with an enviable reputation for engaging with customers in a professional, transparent and honest manner. David and his team pride themselves on the quality and longevity of the relationships they have with their customers, some of whom have been with Touchstone FMS for over 20 years.

David and the team have a simple ethos, which is to become a Trusted Advisor to all their customers. “When we engage with a prospect, who we hope will become a customer, our job is to earn and keep their trust, we want to be the first organisation they talk to when they have a business problem that they are looking to solve” comments David.

Touchstone FMS has a comprehensive portfolio of business solutions that can help empower Finance departments and professionals, solutions that drive financial efficiency, agility and provide critical insight. It is the job of David and his team to ensure our customers can benefit from those solutions by working with us.